Pool covers

Winter attire for protection against the elements.

Find the cover right for your pool for winter or any season at Woodard Pools





Pool covers

Automatically covered

Sometimes having it easy isn’t such a bad thing. At Woodard Pools, you can find a number of automatic pool covers that make things as easy as can be. A push of a button or turn of a key can be all of the effort you need to give to protect your pool, and it will only be a matter of seconds. No matter the size or shape of your pool, you’re bound to find the cover that’s right for you.

A “heated” pool without the cost

If you would enjoy your pool sooner than the water naturally heats up, then there’s a product you need to have. Find the perfect solar pool cover to borrow the sun’s rays and heat your pool to a more enjoyable temperature. No more dipping your foot to see if the water is bearable. Get the right solar cover at Woodard Pools and start enjoying your haven as often as you’d truly like.

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