Pool design

Start construction when you’ve found the best

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Pool construction

What pool do you want?

There are two common types of pool foundations, using a vinyl lining or concrete. Whether you are building a pool for your home, business, or other venue, we’ll walk you through the differences and benefits of each.

Given our nearly 40 years of experience, you’re going to have a team of professionals that know the ins and outs of each type of pool contracting project. And you’ll be in the “know” from planning to completion.

How will your pool be built?

You’re working with us as the foreman of our team, so we want you to be apprised of the process used to build the pool you’ve been looking for. The standard steps to a vinyl-lined pool include:

1. Backhoe excavation
2. Assembly of walls, stairs, plumbing, and more
3. Concrete decking is poured
4. Pool liner installed with expertise and precision
5. Fill new pool with water
6. One-on-one lessons about your new pool

For more detail and specifics to your project, call our team at Woodard Pools.

Get started today

  • Determine your particular needs for the pool
  • Come in and pick up and information packet
    • Placement
    • Diving Board/Slide
    • Pool only or Pool and Spa
    • Fire Pits
    • Water Features
    • Extra Patio
    • Auto Cleaner
    • Lights
    • Accessories
  • Decide on a budget and ask about a financing plan
  • Call and schedule a consultation to begin the designing and planning stages

If you’re ready to break ground, we’re ready to break ground. Call the experts at Woodard Pools today.


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