Patios and paving stones

Soothing to the body and the eye

Pools aren’t only about tranquility; the decks and patios that accompany them must be elegant as well.





Patios and paving stones

The new watering hole

If you’re building a new pool for your home or business, we know it’s not there simply to be water in a hole. With the team at Woodard Pools, you’ll have a patio that goes seamlessly with your home and landscape, only bringing its beauty to a whole other level.

Get us going in the right direction with your ideas and vision, or let us come to one from scratch. Either way, you’re going to love what your property looks like as a whole when our construction is complete.

Building on something great

Your pool is a staple of your backyard, but it needs something more. Whether it’s building something around it, adding to the pool itself, or repairing damages, experts at Woodard Pools know how to solve your problem.

Consult our experienced team to share with us the issues and / or visions you have, and we’ll all come to the best solution together.

Woodard Pool is the team to do the biggest of pool projects. Call to get started.


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